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[livejournal.com profile] ocvictor left me to tell the story of my journey to Worcester last night, and I'd love to to do so with wit and eloquence...but I'm damned tired and think I'll riff on the classics instead.

Ahem. Only an English geek would filk it. I know.

Whan that Junne with his shoures soake,
the deluge of day hath perced to the roote,
and bathed every carre with suche licour,
of which confusion engendered is the driver;
whan Victor doth with his swete breeth,
inspired hath to visit holt and heeth
the tendre Buffistas, and the yonge sonne
hath 'neathe clouds his halfe cours y-ronne,
and NPR radio maken melodye
(that watcheth politicks with open ye,
so pricketh liberals to vote in perpetuity),
than longen folk to goon on pilgrimages,
and Buffistas for to seken straunge slounges,
to talken of television's gems and dredges;
And specially, from every shires ende
of New Engelond, to Worcester they wende,
the former Somervillian for to seke
that them hath left for California's sake.

Bifel that, in that seasoun on a day,
on the Yahoo Maps, a faulty path wast lay,
which would cripple my pilgrimage
to Worcester, tho with ful devout corage,
at night was diverted to desert road
and trapped when tyre did explode;
with nary a sign nor landmark to see
to helpen anyone to finden me,
the rental companye wast afraide
an address wast needed ere rescue made;
so walken I through falling rain
until college scoreboarde didst provide name
that allowed my knights to seken my carre
whiche had not taken me verra far.

Rescue came with Buffista and tow
and doughnut tyre attached to go
to Victor's house, tho houres late
in time for Indian food to eate;
as conversation didst ensue
the night's travails were nearly through,
whan rental companye brought new carre
from Boston to replace one marred;
my pilgrimage wast at laste success
and revels began with hoste and guests:
Victor, Connie, Sarah and love dear,
good companye who asked to hear
this tale of all the strength to muster
before pilgrimage taken is to Worcester.

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