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Okay, so it's fairly simple, and Cricket helped me a lot...but I'm still proud. I made it for Drew's birthday since he's been meaning to set up a site for his business for a couple of years now and never quite got around to it. (In his defense, he's never gotten around to it because he's been so busy with work he hasn't needed to. Still, it's nice to have!)

Here 'tis: Diablo Sound.

If you see ANY proofreading errors, please let me know so I can fix them! I've been looking at the darn thing for so long that I wouldn't notice if I spelled Drew's name wrong anymore.


Jun. 16th, 2007 10:00 pm
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After many months of planning, writing, revising, and begging friends for help, my website, www.inspirewriting.com is up.

It includes my new online column, Little But Fierce, which will (hopefully) updated weekly. Column #1 ("10 by 10") will be up within the next couple of days.

This site is also my business site for academic tutoring and creative writing coaching.

So...beloved friendlist, will you please spread the word? I would be truly grateful--this is a labor of love from a long way back, and my ultimate goal is to develop a readership of the new column.

Special thanks to Deena for her amazing web design; Raq for the gorgeous, original pen/feather logo; and Matt, Barb, and Amy for their humbling testimonials.


ETA: Very important...I've revised and proofed and edited the damned site so many times that I can't see errors anymore...but it's really important that the site is as close to perfect as possible. Hil already caught a typo on the home page (ironically enough in the line advertizing my services as a writing coach... headdesk), so that will be fixed in the morning. If you see anything else, PLEASE email me or leave me a comment here so that I can correct it. Thanks!

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