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Food quirks:

1. I eat my pancakes from the inside out. I make a little hole in the middle first because I firmly believe that there are "pancake crusts", and I hate crusts.

2. I don't like crunchy food. I never eat croutons, crusts, hard taco shells--you name it.

3. When I order a salad, I generally eat everything except the lettuce. I might have a little, but I get salads for the good stuff, not the filler.

4. I actually kind of like that chalky Mylanta taste.

5. Whenever I eat Indian food, I order chicken tikka masala. I just love it. I've tried ordering many other types of food and enjoyed them, but I always find myself wishing I'd ordered my usual.
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List 5 idiosycrasies of yours:

1. I operate on Kristin time (i.e. everything always takes 20 minutes longer than I think it will, which means I am consistently 20 minutes late. Mostly, I compensate for this so my friends don't kill me.) This ties into a whole host of idiosyncrasies related to my ADHD. See "Gentlemen Prefer (Medicated?) Blondes".

2. I can't resist chokers of all shapes and varieties.

3. I love that my cat sleeps on my pillow, even though it means I spend part of the night saying "ow!" because he's stepping on my hair.

4. I sing all the time, but I almost never get the lyrics right. That leads to me making up really, really silly songs: i.e. the "Palm Tree Song", the "I Like Soft Serve Ice Cream with Chocolate Sprinkles" song, and the "This Is A Good Song" song, to name a few.

5. I love dragons so much that I had the dragon weathervane in that picture imported from England for the house. I also have a "Warning: Invisible Dragon in Back Seat" bumper sticker currently on my car, and I used to have the one that said, "Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, for You are Crunchy and Taste Good With Ketchup".


Oh, and one other...I love the heat because I'm almost always cold. I don't even mind the humidity much.

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