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I am posting this, courtesy of my Treo, from the middle of one of the most beautiful and intriguing places I have ever been in my life.

I am at the Getty Center in LA, sitting in a patch of sunlight on a bench in the middle of the Central Gardens, and I am happier than I've been in weeks. I came here around noon today to meet some CT friends who are on vacation in the area. We had a delicious lunch in the cafe and wandered a bit before their two-year-old son hit his expiration date and needed to head back to their hotel for a nap. They took off, but I stayed and have been enjoying some much needed solitude in this gorgeous environment.

This entire place is a work of art. The achitecture is stunning, the gardens spectacular, the views amazing. Everything here is sculpture: the paths, the stairs and towers, the way the stones are laid out in the stream that leads down to the waterfall in the central sunken garden. There are architecture and garden tours every day, as well as individual pamphlets describing them for those who don't have time to take the tours, and it's easy to see why..

The Getty Center is only a few years old, but it already has a soul. It feels like Europe. It's vast and filled with visitors, yet it is peaceful and uncrowded. It's bursting with color and also stark white towers jutting into the sky, stairs winding around the outside and up. You can see the ocean from here (though the marine layer makes it difficult at the moment) as well as all of LA.

Now here's the scary part to this rant:I haven't even been inside yet. I'm too enthralled by the courtyards and gardens to leave them. I'm sure I'll rave about the rest in another post considering the impressive art collection housed here.

In any case, the day is too gorgeous and the view too incredible to spend more time on this little machine. If you live in or are visiting the LA area and haven't been here yet, you really need to visit. Schedule yourself a day and bring a book. I plan to make this one of my favorite haunts.


Aug. 1st, 2005 11:49 pm
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Just wanted everyone to know that I arrived safely in Burbank Sunday night around 11PM. In the course of four days, my mom and I drove 3101 miles. I've been finishing my mini-travelogue and will post soon.
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So I've cleaned out about half of my walk-in closet. Thus far I have about 6 bags of clothes to go to Goodwill. Can you say "should have done this three years ago", children? Of course it took me trying to pack my clothes to move them across the country to get myself motivated to go through them all, so I guess I shouldn't feel too accomplished.

I think I may be at the end of my ability to work tonight. Looks like I'll be diving back into this project in the morning. Don't even bring up the boxes in the attic that I never unpacked after the move here two years ago and still need to go through...please? I know you might say that if they've been in the attic for two years I probably don't need them, and you'd be right. But...see...I have this sneaking suspicion that there is some really cool stuff in there that I've forgotten about, and I'm just too curious to not look at all.

I'm hopeless.

Of course I also have to pack for a week in LA tomorrow since I'm leaving at an ungodly hour of the morning on Tuesday; not to mention about a million little errands I need to get done before I go that are too boring even to mention. Tomorrow looks to be stressful.

The reality is starting to sink in. This is my last trip west when I will be coming "home" to Connecticut. I get back here on the 19th and begin frantic boxing and shipping of clothes and a few other odds and ends. Then Mom and I will be driving across country with the cats the last week in July, and everything changes.

I have to admit that I'm more scared than excited right now. I believe it will change, but gods is this hard.
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I am the Queen of Bureaucracy! I have completed the six billion contradictory forms necessary to transfer my Connecticut teaching certification to California, gotten myself fingerprinted and included two fingerprinting cards, made copies of both my CT and my National Board Certification, included sealed copies of official transcripts from the three colleges I attended, and--of course--written a hefty $138 official bank check for California to verify I am who I say I am and that, yes, I really can teach.

I feel a little triumphant. How much you want to bet they return it to me because I didn't write in block letters or forgot to dot an "i" somewhere?

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