pixkris: Wedding Day Smiles (guard cat)
Personal Journal of Byron, Brigadier General of Felines: Pasadena Division

Day Six.

The intruder has managed to infiltrate the highest levels of security. Despite the fact that his true nature is revealed when he engages in violent behavior (biting, scratching, etc.), he is regularly seen in the company of both Monkeys. I believe he may have duped them into believing he is not a true threat. I have tried to alert them, but they fail to heed my warnings even now.

The frequent sneak attacks have intensified. He continues to utilize his dark camouflage in order to better execute these strikes. He also seems to be getting larger. Perhaps a new kind of armor?

I am beginning to believe that there will not be a swift end to these hostilities. I must develop a more effective strategy if I am to be victorious.
pixkris: Wedding Day Smiles (guard cat)
Personal Journal of Byron, Brigadier General of Felines; Mentor Street Division

Day One.

I have suspected that a spy had infiltrated my territory this whole week. Nothing tangible, but I'd heard sounds. Smelled something. I'd had several reported sightings of furry, black appendages under one of the interior doors, but I was skeptical of the source (my captain of the guard is eager, but she isn't known for her keen wit, if you know what I mean).

Today my fears were realized. The intruder is very young and very brash. His black fur acts as an effective camouflage and has allowed for several sneak attacks. I have tried to alert the Monkeys to this infiltrator but have met with little success so far. They seem even more oblivious than usual, despite my repeated warnings.

I have found safe haven on the Comforter Plains for this night, but I fear what tomorrow will bring.

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