pixkris: Wedding Day Smiles (Inspire Writing)
Yes, a new blog post! Follow the clicky link for the most recent post.
pixkris: Wedding Day Smiles (Inspire Writing)
A new essay is up on my teaching blog, Little but Fierce: Merit Pay Without Merit. I abandon humor this week in favor of righteous political indignation. Please share with anyone who you think might be interested. Thanks!
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After an absurdly long time being locked out of my own site because I was too stupid to realize I was trying to log in with the wrong username, my teaching blog is back up and running. Just a quick (but funny!) post for now, but I'll be posting regularly from now on.

Here's the link: Long Absence...But Pictures!

Please feel free to pass the site along to any teacher types in your life.
pixkris: Wedding Day Smiles (Inspire Writing)
It's been a very slow writing semester for me due to personal health and other fun stressors, but I have finally updated my teaching blog. My newest entry, "Reflection," is now up on Little but Fierce.
pixkris: Wedding Day Smiles (Inspire Writing)
New teaching blog entry over at my site: Scheduling My Tiny Little Breakdown.
pixkris: Wedding Day Smiles (Inspire Writing)
It's been ages since I posted to my teaching site, and I'm fairly sure I've lost the few readers I'd gained in the interim. I made the decision today to stop worrying about posting full essays and just start blogging. I plan to blog regularly since I will no longer be so stressed about making each essay Absolutely!Perfect! and would really appreciate some help bringing the site back to life.

Would you please pimp my blog? Or, if you have any interest, just stop by from time to time? Make me a happy little bookmark? Oh dear. I'm turning into the Bob Ross of bloggers. Save me from myself!

Here's the most recent entry: "Blogging and Other Funingly Things".

Thank you, all.

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